Evaluation of Micro Teaching Lesson

Education Principles and Practice – Micro Teaching

Student Self-evaluation Form


Students:  Please complete and email to Lecturer within 48 hours of completion of micro-teaching session.(add extra pages where necessary)   Also, post same on your blog and email blog address to siobhan.creedon@ittralee.ie


Describe your overall performance.

For me my overall performance wasn’t too bad but there is room for improvement. I found that the nerves took over a bit.

The lesson started off ok when asking for definitions of the income calculations and then got the students to read the official definition I had up on the presentation.

When going through the theory part of the calculations it got a bit confusing and went at a slower pace as the interaction with the students wasn’t there so in future it would be better to get the students to do the reading of the parts or ask question about the areas of money being taken off which will include the students more.

The group work was the easiest area and most relaxing as the students got to work out the calculation and learned from each other, they also got to write the answers on the board with the rest of the class feeding them the information and corrections if they went wrong in the calculations.

Finally they were given an evaluation sheet to fill out on how the lesson went for them and what improvement could be made to make it easier for the teacher and students (see student’s evaluation sheet).

The area that needs the most work apart from having confidence in presenting a lesson is trying to stick to a lesson timing schedule, this may lead to the class running over or the different sections could run into each other and this becomes confusing for both the student and the teacher, plus it affects classroom management and the flow of the lesson.


What were the successful parts to your lesson?

I think the areas where there was more interaction with the students and in getting them to do the work as it gave a better understanding of the lesson and it wasn’t stagnant like the areas of delivering theory. The group work was also successful as the students got to work together to do the calculations and help each other in learning how to work as a team and coming up with the answers.


How successful was the  lesson  for your students?

The students found the lesson over all beneficial for them and they will know how to calculate their wages when they go working.

Feed back from the evaluation sheet suggested that the lesson would have been better delivered in a lecture room instead of a lab and students should have done the calculations on paper and with a calculator (see the student evaluation sheet).


Describe any  parts to your lesson that you were unhappy with and indicate what you would do in a future similar class.

The part that I was most unhappy with was the theory delivery of the lesson as it was a bit stagnant and the students weren’t involved, in future I would plan it in such a way that it includes the student more and they get to do the work as I think it gives them pride in accomplishing tasks in a lesson or else they get bored and misbehave.

Also for me on a personal level if there was more practice session before the final one would be better, as it would have made me more familiar with the classroom setup and help with the nerves when delivering a lesson.

Getting practice with sticking to a lesson time schedule it not real when doing it with the study buddy, it only become real when you stand in front of the class which is a lot bigger from the teacher’s point of view and it can become a very daunting experience for the novice. A module like this should be done as an EBM from first year and continued to fourth year especially for students with a passion in going into teaching as a career.


How do you think the lesson could be improved?

My recommendation would be practice, more practice and practice in particular areas such as in the classroom setting, in front of a group of students and in sticking to a lesson time schedule.

I also think that taking advantage of the transition year students coming up to the college, in using them classes as either practice classes for students (all) or/and for the final delivery of a lesson. By doing this it will give a more realistic effect to teaching and the time of delivering the lesson will be increased as I think 30 minutes is too short, it should be 40 minutes to an hour.



Group:           Leaving Certificate              Tutor:                        Mary B McCarthy


Venue:           IT Tralee                                 Date:              03 May 2012


  1. 1.    Did you find what was taught in the lesson useful?

Yes, they said they found the lesson useful and beneficial for when they go working.


  1. 2.    What made it easier for you, to be involved in the class or group?

They preferred the group as they had to figure out how to do the calculations, they also felt they were more relaxed and were able to communicate better without the camera, they weren’t conscious of being foolish.


  1. 3.    What did you find most difficult?

Working out the calculations on excel and identifying the errors in the answers.


  1. 4.    Have you any suggestions on the lesson, which are not being met?

Suggestions made were:

  • I should put up the correct answers to the calculation on the board so they could see the structure of them
  • The lesson should be taught in a lecture room instead of lab and the calculations should be worked out on paper and calculators.


  1. 5.    How do you feel about the subject so far?

They found it beneficial to everyday life especially when they go working and now they know where their money goes.


  1. 6.    Were you happy with the:

They all answered yes to these questions.


  1. 7.    Any other suggestions/comments

The only comment was to do with holding the lesson in a lecture room instead of a lab.




Name:            Mary B McCarthy                 Date:              03 May 2012


Lesson title:             Income Calculations


Did I present material in a clear and interesting way?

The material that I presented was in the format laid out for my Micro Teaching session.

Due to nerves it was presented a bit clumsy, for myself I found the theory parts of the lesson were not delivered in the way I would have liked, it didn’t flow smoothly, and it was delivered as a nervous pace as it had the least amount of interaction with the students.

The more practical areas like asking definitions and working out the calculation were delivered slightly better as there was more interaction with the students. For me interacting with the students and getting them to do the work makes the classroom setting more inclusive as the teacher and students were more connected and I felt they came alive more because they were trying to solve a problem as a group, this  helped them learn the topic as they shared information with each other.


Did I vary the instructional material I used?

The material that was used and how it was delivered was varied as it was taught through theory, students doing the work by answering questions and reading material and working out calculations in a group format and got one student from each group to write the answers on the board with the rest of the group communicating the information to them, also when they got a part to the calculation wrong they had to identify their error and the other group help them out with the correct answer.


Did I interact well with the students?

Yes, I think I interacted well with the students by giving them the responsibility of doing the work which I think is important for the students self-belief, developing maturity and being able to communicate in a group and with me.


Did I vary the media of instruction used?

Yes, I use the computer and projector to deliver the PowerPoint presentation to the students as laid out in my lesson plan, the only thing I should have done extra was to put up the answers to the calculations that they worked on as a group to show them the layout of the answers.


Did I emphasise significant points strongly enough?

On this part I could have done better as my presenting skills were not good and the nerves got the better of me. But with more practice, improvement will follow, which will bring a more rounded delivery of lessons in the classroom.


Did I provide enough opportunities for students to interact with each other in a way that would enhance their learning experience?

Yes, the group task gave the students a chance to learn from each other and solve calculations, also by getting one member of the group to write down the answers on the board and the rest of the group feeding the information to them.


Did I listen?

Yes, when they were answering the questions asked and if they had any issues when working on the calculations as a group.


Did everyone feel comfortable in my class?

Yes, I feel the classroom setting was comfortable, no one was left out or were not made to feel uncomfortable. When working as a group, they all worked well together and didn’t exclude anyone.


Did I skim over a topic too quickly?

I think I skimmed over the theory part of the calculations due to timing issues this may not have helped when the group were working through the calculations.





Module Title:            Income Calculations

Tutor Name:                        Mary B McCarthy

Group:                       Leaving Certificate – Class S206


What were my goals for this lesson?

My goal was for the students to have an understanding on how to calculate income, to know where the money that is taken off goes and what the net pay is. The lesson also showed the full amount taken off the gross pay. I also wanted the students to work as a group which was achieved to my satisfaction.

What did I enjoy most about facilitating the learning activities contained in the lesson?

The group task was the most enjoyable part to delivering the lesson as there was more interaction in the classroom and with the students.

It also proved to me that I can deliver a lesson better than I thought but there is always room for improvement as we are always learning and developing new skills.

Did the students have any previous experience of the lesson content and if so how did this help them achieve the goals I set?

Yes, in the junior cycle they did Business Studies. Previous experience is always an advantage to teaching any subject and it gave the students an advantage too.

What did I learn from facilitating this module?

I think the most important thing I learnt was that teaching is not as easy as it looked and that behind the scenes before teaching a lesson, there is a lot of planning and paperwork done for it to run smoothly.

It also showed me that the classroom setting is bigger from the teacher’s perspective which is very daunting, plus more practice before delivering a lesson would have been best and would have helped with the nerves.

I also felt the class was more relaxed without the video and that was the feedback from the students as they felt they could speak without looking silly.

Sticking to a time schedule is quite difficult too as it can spiral out of control if you don’t stick to it which did happen to me, so in future watching the time or having a big clock on the wall would be a good idea.

It also taught me to believe in myself more and have someone who believes that I can do it is good, especially if previous experiences were negative.

Which activities were most successful in motivating the students?

The group work motivated the students as they interacted more with each other which always has a positive effect in the learning experience for students.

Which activities were least successful and why?

For me the delivery of theory can make teaching a bit stagnant as it is only the teacher talking, to change this I should have got the students more involved by letting them read out the theory.

Any other comments

More practice before doing the real Micro Teaching session would be beneficial and also by doing one run through in front of the camera for both the teacher of the lesson and the students would help with the nerves when doing the real thing.



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